000: Every scientist has a story This is mine.

Paula is passionate about scientists’ stories — and their science.

Dr. Paula Hennon is a PhD Atmospheric Scientist from The Ohio State University where she studied hurricanes and ocean thermodynamics. The start of her education in International Economics, and eventually her MBA, laid the foundation for her multi-trajectory career success.

Whether her job was to sell packaging to Fortune 500 companies, analyze oxygen bubbles in ancient ice cores, fly through hurricanes, or develop scientific consensus about climate change across the US Government, Paula catalyzed wild success by being a connector of people and a team-whisperer.

She’s on a mission to see scientists maximize the impact of their work and take their rightful places as unapologetic thought-leaders in society by bringing reason, solutions, and curiosity to life. With a career at the nexus of science and business, Paula has blazed new trails in creating joint ventures and securing alternative funding sources for scientific research from the private sector.

Her podcast, Science Tango, juxtaposes a scientific point of view with a business perspective of current science questions such as exploring the scientific and economic impacts of sea-level rise and coastal real estate.

Dr. Paula Hennon on the Blue Ridge Parkway near her home in Asheville, North Carolina.

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